The food of our children

Kids foodWhy it is important to properly nourish our children are three: do not lack anything for their development, put off overweight and train them in food.

The food should be varied and delicious. If it is not desirable, it is left in the dish and a war will cost each meal. We see that taking weekly fastener foods: vegetables, fish and vegetables at least once a week, fruit, desserts. Try to enter at all times fruits and vegetables in season: be more natural and economic. Also important to take into account the season: in hot weather, more lavish salads, cold creams of vegetables, rice … In contrast, in cold weather are more suitable hot meals: soups, vegetables, stews,

The educational aspect is very important for children because if they adopt good habits in childhood can easily keep the rest of his life, which will provide benefits to avoid obesity. We must clearly explain the benefits of food we give them, in front of the drawbacks that they may apothecaries them more goodies, Burgers, fries, sodas, etc..

It is also important to chew and taste habitualness all kinds of food, and accustom them to the most varied culinary techniques: iron, oven, casseroles or stews, but not limited to fried and battered. Finally, do not use food as reward or punishment; it can lead our children to inappropriate eating behaviors: whims, rejection of certain foods

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