The egg-honey diet

DietNutritious and full of essential proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates egg and honey drink.

Take two raw egg yolks, add 1 tsp. Honey. Beat the mixture with a mixer. Because the egg-honey diet used raw eggs should carefully consider their choice, and before eating properly cleaned with hot water and soap.

In addition to the egg-honey cocktail every day should eat a half a lemon. Lemon can be added to a cocktail, but it is better to drink tea with him (the most useful – green) and coffee, but no sugar. This is a very important moment for the egg-honey diet.

Lemon reduces appetite, increases metabolism. The very word “lemon” promotes salivation, and once in the stomach, this fruit promotes secretion of gastric juice, so the food is digested faster and better. In addition, citric acid is well down fats.

Egg and honey drink should drink at breakfast, along with a cup of coffee or tea with lemon. For lunch and dinner you can eat low-calorie dishes. That’s about options for lunch and dinner on the diet.

Option 1

Breakfast: Egg and honey drink, tea with lemon

Lunch: 90 g of cheese, tea or coffee with the addition of a teaspoon of honey

Dinner: 250 ml of broth, a slice of rye bread (25 g), 1 piece of fruit (apple, orange, pear)

Option 2

Breakfast: Egg and honey drink, tea with lemon

Lunch: another egg and honey cocktail, 100g cottage cheese, lemon tea or coffee

Dinner: 150 grams of fish or chicken, salad, tea with lemon

3 option

Breakfast: Egg and honey drink, tea with lemon

Lunch: 50 g of cheese, a slice of rye bread, vegetable salad with lemon

Dinner: 300 grams of boiled vegetables (except potatoes, dry beans and peas), 1 egg, tea with honey

At night, if you want to drink tea with lemon.

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