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This training uses your body weight to increase heart rate and help burn fat stores. Find a quiet area of the beach and made the circuit two or three times a week, resting two minutes between each exercise.

Draw three parallel lines in the sand to five feet away each. Put yourself in the middle with your knees slightly bent and arms folded so that the hands are facing the thighs.

Go to the far left and bend your knees to touch the soil line by hand, then rush to the right and touch the line with your other hand. Then, go into the water to the knees, runs parallel to shore about 20 meters back. Repeat 5 minutes.

Separate your feet to shoulder width apart and hands hanging at his sides. Skip straight and lands on one leg with the knee bent, shoulders slightly forward and hips back. Hold a few seconds, returns to the starting position and switch legs. Complete four jumps each.

Get into push up position with hands slightly further apart than shoulder width. Keep your back straight and lower your body until your chest touches the ground. And hold down for four seconds. Get up taking momentum and slaps. Repeat 10 times.

Get in flexed position, but his hands just below the chest. Put your hands inwards so that the fingers are almost touching each other. Bend elbows and lower until your chest almost touches the hands. Stand up, hold a few seconds and returns the starting position. Do eight reps, rest a minute and repeated once more.

Fill the bag to the beach with something heavier, such as water bottles. Take it by the handles with both hands. Let the arms hang straight with hands at 10 inches from the body. Lift the bag at right angles to the body. Stand to feel the contraction on the shoulders and traps, and back to the beginning. Perform 15 repetitions, resting one minute and repeat.

Place yourself face down in the sand and stand up to support the weight on toes and forearms. Tense the body to form a straight line from head to heels. Do not let the chest or belly hit the ground. Hold 30 seconds.

Lie face down on the sand with his hands behind his ears. Lift your torso and legs off the floor as much as possible to form an arch from the heel to the forehead. Holds a time, returns to the starting position. Repeat 15 times, rest and repeat again.

Get in a flexed position with hands at the same distance as the width of the shoulders. Keep your legs straight while doing push-ups, bending the elbows until the head almost touching the sand. Perform 12 repetitions.

Give a stride with the right leg. Then with the left. And so for 10 minutes. Make sure the front knee forms a right angle.

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