The banana diet, the new trend coming from Japan!

The banana diet is causing such a furor in Japan, it is said, and some Japanese shops are not enough to meet the demands of this fruit. As you can imagine, this is a new miracle diet without foundation.

After the diet of grapes, melon and zodiac comes from l to banana, which is to eat at least a banana for breakfast, always at room temperature. In contrast, in the food and dinner you can eat what you see fit, as long as beginning at 8 pm do not eat anything else. More things you cannot eat dessert at lunch, you can only drink water and, here’s the best, you just have to do physical exercise if you feel like.

Do not spend time on this diet: is nonsense. In the extreme, the most slimming diet is the air: that is, not eating anything.

The problem is that you have to acquire healthy habits that will serve you for life, because if you do not do so within six months weights much more than before.

In that sense, if you remember that a weight loss diet should never be below 1,400 calories in the case of men, and that is what your body needs for the mere fact of being alive (to maintain body temperature , you get the blood from the heart, etc.).

Moreover, ideally ate 100 different foods a week to guarantee the supply of vitamins, minerals and micro nutrients accurate.

In short, do everything wrong in Japan and as we say, take as long as you can, fruit dessert, make at least three hours of exercise a week and opts for a varied diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, rather fish and little red meat. With this method, will stop slipping on the banana.

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