Slimming Shakes

Slimming cocktail drinkIf you would like to lose weight, convince you that the whole thing you eat is highly caloric could help to lower your levels of hunger hormone, which in turn could hold back appetite.

This idea of a study conduct in the U.S. where smoothies provided two groups of people: some were told it was low in calories (140) and others that was had a lot of calories (620). The fact is that they all took the same milkshake 380 calories.

The researchers measured levels of ghrelin before and after eating. The ghrelin is a hormone released by the stomach when hungry. Ghrelin levels rise half an hour before eating, and returns to normal after eating.

The result was quite interesting; apparently the people who thought it was a high-calorie milkshake had lower levels of the hunger hormone, as if the body was affected by what you know the brain … while people who thought it a shake to lose weight reported higher levels.

What comes to demonstrate this simple study is that the package can significantly affect our consumption; we can eat more of a food that the information provided by the package we think is healthier when it really is not.

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