Slimming Coffee

Slim drinkCarry away coffee in America long ago twisted into fashionable accessories. Whichever celebrity magazine you did not open, be sure to meet there a photo of actress or singer, strolling through the streets of New York and Beverly Hills with a great cappuccino. And it is not only in the fact that everyone loves the taste of the drink. Simply, caffeine has the unique property of lowering appetite, and therefore, it is essential for the rich and famous maintenance information.

There is a sentiment of satiety in humans when the body receives glucose, and then in the blood sugar level. The trick is that after drinking coffee sugar level in the blood, even if the drink you do not add sugar.

After drinking coffee without sugar and without milk, having almost zero calories of unsweetened black drink, you still feel satiety.

This happens from that caffeine has the ability to break down its own glycogen – stored energy, which is stored in the muscles and liver. Glycogen is cleaved to form large amounts of glucose, which is absorbed into the blood. A cup of coffee, no sugar, and blood sugar and a surge of insulin, the brain receive a signal that the saturation occurred and lost appetite.

Nutritionist Alex Kovalkov believes this property coffee is very useful for those who want to lose weight. “Cappuccino, best cinnamon in the middle of the day will do well to kill the appetite and not load – says nutritionist Alex Kovalkov – but the habit of drinking coffee after a meal – bad. The fact that coffee, entering the body, activates, accelerates all processes, including digestion. Under the influence of coffee is not digested foods is better, and just fly the stomach and intestines, not managing properly digest and assimilate. Sounds great, but nothing useful for losing weight in this. Keep your figures, disrupting digestion, not giving food to digest, injuring the intestine – the same wild way to lose weight as an enema? In the body, it should work properly, and all the organs must be healthy. “

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