Sleep to lose weight?

Sleeping diet A different sleep needs normally recommended sleep between seven and nine hours a night, but what happens if we sleep a smaller amount than seven hours? You can have direct penalty for the functioning of our body that make us fat?.

It seems that studies show that this is so, the fact that we go to bed late and sleep a few hours you can eat more calories at dinner and we choose less healthy diets. In addition, this contributes to sleep deprivation the next day our body to burn fewer calories. Add to that the individual does not perform regular physical activity; we could be talking about a weight gain of almost one kilogram per month.

Some researchers link these consequences to the circadian or biological rhythms, which are oscillations of biological variables at regular intervals, that is, that when our hour of eating and sleeping are not in tune with our biological clock can undergo changes in appetite and metabolism that would make us gain weight.

The finish would be not to sleep more lose more weight, but better regulating meal times and sleep can improve the effectiveness of our programs or dieting to lose or maintain weight.

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