Running at noon: what nutritional advice to be on top?

More and more people taking advantage of the lunch break to go for a run … sometimes give up lunch or eat without knowing what is good eating. What are the correct actions to be taken? Discover our 3 important tips.

During the running session, the goal is to have energy reserves effective and not to be affected by various intestinal disorders, such as the sensations of boggling and swelling in the stomach. For this reason, it is essential to program the seat and the time of the meal.

Running at noon nutrition advice # 1: The day from breakfast program
This is the most important meal of the day, then you should not overlook. In fact, we must not forget that the body is fasting from dinner earlier, and then waking up the energy reserves are very low.

Breakfast should provide 25% of calorie intake of the day, must be handled with care.

Sample breakfast:

  • Whole meal bread,
  • Butter,
  • Jam or honey,
  • A dairy product,
  • A fruit juice,
  • A hot drink.

Running at noon nutrition advice # 2: Have lunch before or after the session?
It’s not ideal to make a meal just before a session running. It’s a huge mistake just before eating plenty of seating. Has to know that running is an activity traumatizing to the stomach and often suffer from gastrointestinal disorders.

So to ensure its effectiveness and to avoid hypoglycemia, you need a snack at 11 am.

Example of a snack:

  • Or a fruit compote
  • A cereal bar

After the race, we need to get even faster. Skipping a meal is due to a poor recovery and fatigue throughout the afternoon. This meal should be complete and digestible.

Example of a quick meal:

  • Salad of starchy foods, vegetables and cold meat
  • A sandwich: bread, butter or cream cheese, ham, vegetables
  • Latticing
  • Fruit or composed.

Running at noon nutrition advice # 3: Do not forget to hydrate throughout the day.
The hydration remains a priority. The ideal is to hydrate before, during and after the session. However, few runners carry a bottle or a flask. It is important to hydrate before, to prevent dehydration, which will happen during the race, and after a good recovery of water resources and minerals.

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