Rediscover your abs

Although it is a scientific discipline, nutrition does not have to be complicated. If you want to lose weight, control the volume of your portions and check how the float disappears. And look your abs like never before!

Get up and walk
A group of Australian scientists has found that workers who spend more than six hours hooked to a chair have a 68% more likely to be overweight than those who spend less time sitting. If your job allows you to get up and walk around occasionally, at least ask your heads high table: standing burn one calorie more per minute than sitting (check accounts). What do not you attach it? Create your own job: put your monitor on a box, with the top of the screen at eye level and a spacing equal to the length of the arm, and raises the keyboard so that you elbows are bent 90 degrees. A further advantage: avoid bending as Pozi end.

Get Going
Gym, street or track: choose the scenario that you like to exercise, because your abs will respond the same regardless of where you work. French researchers have found that men who spend more time moving (no matter what the type of activity performed) have indeed a flatter belly.
You know, put up three or four times a week, and join the walk a total of four hours.

Control what you eat
To lose weight effortlessly, limiting your intake to one serving of starch (the main sources of this nutrient are corn, wheat and potato) days that do not train and, at most, two days rations you perform intense exercise.

Make memory
British scientists have discovered that people mentally reviewing your last meal before starting to itch just eating 30% fewer calories than those who did not stop to think. The conclusion? Remember what you’ve eaten previously reduces the risk of over later.

Throughout the day, join the portions you eat from each of the six groups of the previous page. Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh (USA) have found that people who follow a diet and have a minimum intake record of success presented as likely as those targeting every bite you take. I.e., track without obsessing.

Turn off the TV
Scientists at the University of Massachusetts (USA) found that men who watch television while eating consume an average of 288 calories more than those who do not eat in front of the boob tube.

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