Plan to end your belly

A routine high intensity to burn fat and uncover those abs.
Do the exercises as a circuit followed. After passing through the 5 stations, rest 2 minutes. Each station is 10 reps. it circuit 6 times in total.

Lie on your back and place your hands at your sides. Merge to one side with one hand resting on the floor, pass the leg under the body and pushes to finish rising. Work around the core and stabilizing muscles of the shoulders.

Hang from a bar pull-ups with knees bent at a right angle and lift them up toward your chest. Hold the position and lower them again. It is a good exercise for lower abdominal, which are often overlooked.

Make the bridge, supporting you through the toes and forearms. With tight core and hips still, put your hands one after the other and raises the body almost to lock your elbows. Then back to the bridge position. We help define the rectus abdominal.

Put your hands on a box 15 cm high as if you were doing push-ups and one foot forward. Keeping your torso as low as possible, alternating the position of the legs closer and a knee to the chest at high speed.

Put yourself in the position to do push-ups, about two feet to the chest with a quick and jump up extending your arms. Continue 4 minutes, alternating 20 seconds of extensions to jump to 10 seconds of rest.

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