Period of muscle definition – weight loss

In the period of muscle definition or weight loss, the objective is the same, it is a period of loss of fat mass. That body fat. But how to lose body fat without losing muscle mass?

Why Getting Cut?
The definition covers the period of sports but also muscle endurance sports like triathlon.

In body-building the definition is usually after a period of increase in muscle mass,

the objective is to reduce the fat accumulated without compromising the muscles developed. This period allows for better muscle definition, muscle is outlined.

For endurance sports, the definition is made in a pre-competitive. The principle is the same, reducing fat accumulated over a period not to compete, finally eliminate them before the competition.

What it means to lose weight?
The desire to lose weight puts the body into a state of metabolism (muscle wasting). To lose weight you need a negative caloric balance, means that the intake of calories derived it from the body will be less than calories burned.

To function properly, the body draws energy where it can, that is, use the carbohydrates (glycogen), lipids (fat) but also protein (muscles). The body will always draw from these 3 reserves.

The objective of an effective weight loss is to lose fat mass minimizing the loss of muscle mass. The loss of muscle mass is almost inevitable.

How to define your muscles?
Consume fewer calories to have a negative energy balance, and practicing physical activity.

During the period of definition must be considered a loss of 1/2kg per month, without going over, because there is a risk to gain weight when this period of definition will end.

A period of definition is always associated with a balanced diet, in which the daily caloric intake will be reduced by about 20%. We must not reduce calories too, because it would involve muscle atrophy.

We recommend that you keep any food. If the body is deprived of some essential elements, can not be 100% effective, it could cause great fatigue that is affected during training.

How long a period of definition?
Depends on the departure. If the rate of fat mass is not satisfactory, the period continues. It is preferable that lasts in time, to ensure long-term efficiency. A period of rapid definition would probably lead to a loss of muscle mass, and does not achieve its purpose, namely to keep the maximum of muscle mass by removing the maximum of fat.

You can measure the loss of fat mass?
There are 2 methods available:

– The measurement of skin fold thickness (caliper): This measure should always be performed by the same person with the pliers’ Harpenden “, is to measure the thickness of skin folds on different parts of the body. Later, you can estimate a percentage of body fat.

– The balance impedance (less precise) directly measures the percentage of body fat by sending an electric current with 2 electrodes that lie beneath your feet.

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