Most weight loss products do not help you lose weight

Consumer has studied 12 products that claim to help you lose weight that are advertised in the media and sold in pharmacies, as well as 14 food supplements (mostly herbs). The result? Only one of them is based on scientific evidence.

During the months of May and June, Consumer visited several pharmacies and purchased products advertised as slimming or led to believe that they are. The 12 included in the report are among the most sold and can be purchased without a prescription, regardless the type of presentation (envelopes, capsules, tablets or lozenges, drinkable).

Research has proven efficacy in the treatment of overweight and obesity of 12 products for lose weight is not based on sound scientific evidence to support their advertising or marketing that surrounds them. The reason: the results of the studies linking the effect in reducing body weight or body fat reduction of 14 dietary supplements analyzed in which its effectiveness based products are not convincing or even less conclusive. This is because most of its physiological effects have not been properly tested or is sufficiently contrasted their quality, safety and efficacy.


The offering consumer information on their packaging and / or user instructions or is not rigorously proven. Only 8 of the 12 explain that this is a supplement to a diet and as such it can not replace the loss of weight. Of the rest, the messages that appear on the packaging citing its ability to absorb fat, reduced fat, burn fat, burn calories or satiating effect, favor the interpretation that it is a slimming product serving.

Only one provides information about possible side effects or adverse reactions, and seven reported no contraindications, although they are undeniable. Although the twelve indicate the directions for use, only two warn of the duration of treatment, the time during which it is recommended to take the supplement to achieve the goal. As for the price, ranging from just over 5 euros for a product that lasts about 20 days until the 31 euros more expensive, it only lasts 10 days.

In the absence of scientific evidence on the effectiveness and safety of food supplements or dietary supplements for weight loss, the conclusion is that it cannot be recommended for this purpose.

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