Modify your metabolism to burn fat

As important as exercise if you want to burn fat and lose weight, you have to do more work.
To lose weight you have to change your lifestyle

Studies show that virtually any weight loss regimen can work, they do it.

A diet will not work unless it complies with two seemingly contradictory conditions: it must be different from what you are doing now, which means you must restrict your intake of what we now eat too much.

On the other hand, has to be something that you can adapt for the future, which means it has to be based on foods you like and you have easy access. So the behavior is the key to success.

3 key actions that will help you gain self-control in your diet:

  • Prepare and eat most of your meals at home, adding a minimum of salt and sugar.
  • Meat and fish grilled or baked the eggs as you like best, the vegetables, raw or steamed.
  • At lunch and dinner, fill half your plate with lean protein (chicken breast, sirloin steak, scrambled eggs) and half with vegetables rich in fiber. The protein and fiber will fill quickly and leave you satiated for longer.


Taking fewer curbs is not entirely eliminating them.

In a study conducted thinning for a year at Stanford, in the end the participants who were assigned an Atkins type diet obtained a third of total calories from your diet of carbohydrates, more than double what recommended diet.

And yet they were better than those subjects who had been assigned other diets.
2 times when carbohydrates are less problematic:

  • Early in the morning. Carbohydrates provide a comprehensive source of readily available glucose to the body.
  • Immediately after exercise.


The interval workout forces the body to move quickly from carbohydrates to fat and vice versa, while accelerating the metabolism for hours.

Here are three ways to enable combustion:

  • Time intervals. Can run 20 seconds and then drive back 40 seconds. An experienced athlete can apply a work-rest ratio of 1 to 1, running hard 30 seconds and recovering another 30. You can also apply to training with weights or calisthenics. Ten-minute intervals and at the beginning or end of your program as normal or routine training-are only a good start. The maximum, in any event should be 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Intervals of volume. Yourself a number of repetitions if you do surveys or if you run a specific distance or swim, and then retrieves the necessary time. You can use this training as a routine one, with 30-45 minutes of lifting or cardio, plus 5-10 minutes of heating.
  • Volume per time intervals. You can do 10 push-ups or squats or kettle bell swings per minute. The faster you do the reps; you have more time to recover. But with the series following the pace will slow, reducing recovery time and leave you more residual fatigue. And that’s what you want, and that fatigue is what causes the metabolism to remain high long after leaving the gym.


What all have in common programs that work? That you let the skin. The intense activity, by itself, produces changes. That does not mean you have to kill you every time you pick up a dumbbell. But it does mean push youself more.

  • More volume: more sets, reps or kilometers.
  • More efficiency: more speed or more weight on foot or by bike.
  • More frequent: the same, more often.
  • More difficulty: demanding lifts slopes or incorporates in the cardio workout.

Occasionally, it is worth asking whether what you do is “hard” or if you’re doing something you would not do or could do last month or last year. If the answer is no, you probably have to turn up the dial a point (or two).

Relax and enjoy! An ice cream once in a while will not kill you. Do not feel guilty, do not try to run a marathon the next day to burn those calories, and especially not that fancy engullas like a junkie fled the rehab center. The slower you eat the more you taste it and before you feel full. Then brush your teeth and commit to continue with your program.

The science of metabolic recovery is complicated, but the road to success is as simple: do the best you can whenever you can, and blame it on society otherwise.

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