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overweightWe laugh at the Americans, we consideration that here in Europe and in Spain with our Mediterranean diet will by no means happen, but perhaps we are better?. According to figures the truth is not.

At present more than half of adults in the European Union are overweight or overweight, the figure can be overwhelming, but one has only to look around. Even more theatrical in the case of children, largely because your health depends on their parents.

A few days ago available data from a survey that came to be noted that the true prevalence of childhood obesity in Spain could exceed 30% if we add overweight children is to really set off alarm bells.

The problem is so a lot of extra kilos that deteriorate our circulatory system, and general health, if you’re overweight as a child will have a superior tendency to develop heart problems, diabetes, asthma, arthritis and other diseases. As a result more people come to the state health system and this causes augment spending on health, making it a drag on the economy rather than a help to society.

It is not about being selfish, really is a serious problem especially when many countries are still mired in crisis. Hague by 1998 the states of the EU earmarked 7.3% of its GDP on health in 2008 was 8.3%, where a one percent represents tens of millions of euros.

According to a report by the OECD and Brussels, the rate of obesity has doubled in the last twenty years in most member states, and found that one in seven children in the EU are overweight or obese, numbers that is estimated to increase.

Of course, this way we are going wrong, we must be more accountable to both our diet and especially with children, or what we achieve is to mortgage their future and reduce life expectancy when it should be the opposite.

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