Lost 4 kilos in 4 weeks

These nutrition tips will help you hit the target and lose weight safely.
To lose weight, do not have to be radical. Recent studies by the Lincoln Medical Center NY (USA) show that small changes are more effective in the long term. The secret is to modify our behavior so we get access to our goals without having to make our life hell. Here are some tricks that allow you to give passports to fat, muscle definition and lose weight.

Week 1
Start the day with coffee and a pinch of cinnamon

A coffee will set you up because caffeine increases the metabolic rate in the morning. Combine the coffee and cinnamon also has effects on the regulation of blood sugar levels, helping the fat in which you in the gut.
Change the cold water with soda and lime gas
Your body can not regulate liquid calories. The result is that you’re probably accumulating calories without realizing it. Instead, stop the cold water and lime. Do not add too much sugar, because it will ruin the benefits.

L-glutamine taken daily
This amino acid will seek to maintain your muscle mass, even if you’re not going to the gym with assiduity you should. It also boosts the immune system and improves digestion so you absorb nutrients better and will remove fat in a more healthy.


Week 2
Change your cereal with fruit fibrous

After exercise the body’s ability to use carbohydrates doubles. But if you’re not training, the sugar stays in the body stored as fat.

Put on your plate the 30/50/20
This is 30% protein, 50% vegetables and 20% carbohydrate, low glycemic index. Vegetables increase the amount of fiber as well as being low in calories, while proteins prolong your feeling of fullness.

If it is cold, take a walk
Eating at your desk is no longer an option. Recent research from the American Journal of Nutrition has found that this practice increases the chances of feeling hungry later.



Week 3
Leave the milk

The milk could scupper plans for weight loss. Flee from it! A study by the Journal of American College of Nutrition shows that drinking tea without milk reduces blood sugar levels. To replace, use vanilla whey. Or take your tea a capella.

Take an apple a day
More specifically, take a block an hour before your meal. The combination of fiber quality and high levels of water will make you less hungry, especially around lunchtime.



Week 4
It takes 30% more protein

Stuff yourself with meat and fish will give a plus to achieve your goals. Research at the University of Maastricht (Netherlands) concluded that proteins increase calorie burning. Taking them will help you to reduce weight. Peak Metabolic + saved 3520 kcal / week = 4 kg less fat in four weeks.

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