Lose weight with resistance bands

Most men are suspicious of any product that is not made of metal, And that’s a shame, especially in the case of resistance bands. Unlike weights, resistance bands create a constant tension along the motion work which requires more muscle fibers and accelerates growth. They are portable, economical and they are a great companion stretches. What’s more, you can make about 200 years. Here are four to get you started.

Do this: fixed one end of a band to a fixed station, to the waist. Do all four exercises as a circuit, with a small break between them. Complete all and rest a minute. Complete three circuits.

Press alternate arm and front leg band
Grab the band with your right hand, close to the chest, and get back to the anchor point with the left leg forward. Without moving your shoulders or hips, stretch the right arm forward, pause for a second and returns the starting position. Following 20 seconds. Change the position of your legs and repeat with your left arm.

Release leg side band
With the right side next to the anchor point and the band tight around the waist. Give a stride forward and right chest lifted and body weight on your heels while you throw your hips back and bend your right knee. Pause and recovered in a quick motion starting position. Follow 20 seconds, turn around and repeat to the left.

Squat, throwing legs back and jump
Get back to the anchor point with the band around the hips. Check back hip, bend your knees and lower your body. Rest your hands on the floor, take the legs back taking the position and recovers quickly push the squat position. Then jump up and to the front (the band will return back to the starting point). Repeat 40 seconds.

Dead weight Survey and rowing on one leg
Grab the band with your right hand, facing the anchor point, and lift your right foot off the floor, back. This is the initial position. Fold the waist, keeping the right leg in line with your torso until both are almost parallel to the ground. Retrieves the starting position and pull the band toward the ribs. Following 20 seconds. Switch sides and repeat.

Live the band. Should be very clear: resistance bands are one of the most versatile training tools that exist. It is a perfect choice to work your body when you’re traveling or even to add some variety to your workouts.

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