Lose weight eat papaya

PapayaA lot of times we tend to gain weight for a sedentary lifestyle or feed badly, but there are some foods that can help us improve our bodily appearance and lose a few kilos, talking about a tropical fruit papaya; here we will give some beauty instructions for you to use papaya in your diet.

Papaya is a fruit of powerful flavor and a high water content and low in sugar, for this reason is that it is a fruit that has very few calories as well we can include in our diet, whether for processed or prepared foods desserts or juices.

For dessert we can eat raw that will give us better nutritional benefits or desserts like jam or ice cream, papaya is recommended to consume at breakfast in aid in the form of juice, dessert at lunch and during the night with fresh fruit salad with other tropical fruits such as melon or bananas.

Papaya is sensible to make masks for our skin as it helps to moisturize and also to eliminate toxins.

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