Lose weight, eat at all hours!

Do not miss more than 3 hours between feedings

Five meals a day. That’s what you need to lose weight. And is that nutritionists of the Spanish Society of Community Pharmacy (SEFAC) recommend not to miss more than three hours between meals and other consideration in reducing overweight and maintain a healthy diet. After that time, the body can enter a state of “starvation” by which the body interprets that there is “food shortages” and decides to save energy by burning less fat due.

Check your Body Mass Index
Moreover, a good sleep pattern is essential for all weight loss plans. Sleeping too much or too little can make you fat, say researchers at Wake Forest University (USA), who analyzed the study participants for five years. In the under 40 years of age, people who slept five hours or less each night increased almost 2.5 times compared to abdominal fat who ironed her ear between 6 and 7 hours a day, on the other hand, those who slept eight hours or more almost multiplied by two abdominal fat compared the group who slept between 6 and 7 hours. People with sleep deficits tend to eat more (and use less energy) because they’re tired, say the authors of the study, while those who sleep more than 8 hours a night may be less active.

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