Lose belly

Want to lose a little weight to get your ideal weight? Burn fat without removing the language.

1. Do not be distracted
Researchers at the University Of Pittsburgh (USA) have found that distracted twice a week with the idiot box while dining leads to increased weight of 3.5 kilos per year. The explanation? Being distracted, chew less and eat more than necessary. Eight weeks with no TV during dinner equals half a kilo less.

2. Dance
When talking on the phone, take the opportunity to stretch their legs. Simply standing starts up your muscles and if they also walk a bit, you’ll be burning calories through a tube without realizing. The equation is: moving talk on the phone for 10 minutes and burn 48 calories. Three times a day for a month? 3,500 calories (1 month = 0.5 kilos less).

3. Sweatshop
Scientists at Ohio University (USA) have found that in the two days of intense physical training metabolism only burns 600 calories after a workout softer. So, two days of strength training a week help to eliminate 3,600 calories more in three weeks. (9 weeks = 1.5 kilos less).

4. Choose good ingredients
Experts from the Pennsylvania State University (USA) have found that making a salad dressed with vinaigrette as a starter calorie helps control weight. Apparently the dressing acetic acid reduces appetite, reducing caloric intake by about 10% throughout the day. Therefore, two per week salads equals 3,600 calories less (12 weeks = 1 kilo).

5. Controls the proportions
A study by the University Of Illinois (USA) revealed that men who consume half of carbohydrates and protein twice the average lose a kilo more than those who follow a diet specifically for 10 weeks. (10 weeks = 1 kilo).

6. Team up with calcium
Take three servings of dairy a day (providing approximately 1,200 mg of calcium) can double weight loss, according to experts at the University Of Tennessee (USA). Try two fruit yogurts (28g each), 26g of cheese and a glass of skimmed milk. Advantage: lose weight twice as long.

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