Keep away from our children life form overweight

children dietA fat study by the Foundation Thao between 18,000 children from 3 to 12 years. The Foundation, whose president is Henri Garcia, promotes programs to avoid childhood obesity by adopting healthy habits. To do this, try to mentalist parents and professionals who are not on the importance of the problem. According to a spokesman for the Foundation Thao, the situation is alarming in the earliest ages.

Henri Garcia states that “excess weight is a threat to the future health of our children.” But the problems do not stay there. Although we question, and rightly so, certain aesthetic values of our society, and particularly the glorification of thinness, the fact remains that are present, and our children are immersed in them beyond repair, like it or not.

Therefore, the harm resulting from obesity, in issues like suffering undervalued by the group, self-esteem issues and self-acceptance, greater difficulty in establishing social relationships and partner … are no further problems, as in the case of health, but painfully present for our children and adolescents. And to further aggravate the problem, is well known that they are particularly sensitive to these issues.

But as we said above, the solution exists. Experts agree that the main cause of the obesity epidemic faced by developed societies is the change in food habits and physical activity. Therefore, we can effectively fight against obesity of our children. And of course, against us, even more difficult because adults have very bad habits in place.

The most important thing is to instill in our children the importance of proper nutrition. Let them see the damage they make sweets, candy, snacks, sodas, pastries, pre … and try to banish them forever. On the contrary, they encourage the consumption of fruits and vegetables (which should consume five servings a day), olive oil and, in short, follow a Mediterranean diet that includes dairy and fish.

Experts stress the importance of our children eat breakfast properly, since it is the most important meal of the day. The Thao Foundation study revealed that one in three children do not eat breakfast before leaving home, which is a grave error in food. Lift their a little early and make available healthy and appetizing food can help solve the problem.

Finally, we must stress the importance of adequate physical activity. It should encourage them walking, practicing sports, outdoor physical games … rather than as handy as pernicious television or game console. Do not forget that the best gift we can give our children is not the ultimate technological artifact, but some healthy habits that allow them to be happy children and healthy adults

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