Increase your strength to the maximum

These exercises increase strength in the upper and lower trunk.
This combination increases the strength in the upper and lower trunk. Rest 1 minute between each pair of exercises. Do 8 reps of 1 +6 and +5. Do each super set 3 times.

Hang from a bar with palms facing the body. Add to touch the bar with the sternum and lower slowly. This is the king of exercises for the upper body. Working hard biceps and larger muscles of the back.

Get in the normal position to do push-ups but with his hands resting on two boxes of 15 cm in height. This way you can go lower and will expand the range of motion. Additional stretching of the pectorals and triceps causes you to gain more strength.

Find a sturdy box or a stable object that you get just above the knee. Supports up to propel the foot up and lift the other knee to the chest each time. Switch legs after 10 repetitions. Grab a dumbbell to cost you more.

Lie on back and pelvic floor rises, the body weight resting on the upper back. Extend one leg and let the other resting. Lower the pelvis to the floor and upload it again. Repeat the exercise to support the other leg.

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