How to regain your fitness and your weight in a few weeks

If you’re reading this article because you think you or your fitnessĀ or your fitness is what you’d want it to be, or feel lack of energy, or the size of your belly grows, or perhaps all together. In any case we will give you tips about your meals and physical activity that will put your body in a better position in a few weeks.

With regard to what you eat
The math is simple, if you keep eating like you came eating your weight will increase. You have to eat less, but you have to eat better. Domina these two points and you have most of the battle won.

  • Reduce the size of the portions. Eat less food, do not repeat a main course in food packages are more than one serving, learn to read labels, eat on smaller plates, pour yourself slightly less than they did. All this will help you eat less.

  • Eat breakfast better. There is plenty of research to support that breakfast eaters religiously every day lose more weight overall than those who do not. A healthy breakfast can be: a glass of orange juice with a tablespoon of oatmeal, two grain toast with honey and cheese slices, an apple, a handful of cereal. Another idea is a pot of Greek yogurt with whole grains, cranberries, seeds and nuts.
  • Go slowly improving the quality of what you eat. All this works best if you choose a point a week, you master it and then you move to another. For example, during the first week you can leave the mayonnaise and replace healthier options, the week after joining you reduce and eventually eliminate the amount of soft drinks, juice drinks and energy drinks you consume (a large number of calories comes from there); the following add more fruits and vegetables and so on. Small changes little by little master performs better than drastic changes that are more difficult to sustain.

With regard to what you do
Understand that you have, you should do some form of regular physical activity at least five days a week to keep fit. No training is necessary to kill but do something that gets you moving regularly. Your weight and your fitness also depend on what you eat and your activity levels.

  • If you are new or Withdraw with exercise begins with easy activities not feel stressful. Going for a walk, start playing sports you like, even dust off the old bike and put it in front of the TV serves. You have to put your heart up somehow.
  • Go for broke. Your body is not just your abs or the part that you like him. You have to exercise it as a whole that is the best way to get the best results, and faster too. That at least a couple of days a week will include some form of strength training in your activities. They can be your own weight exercises like squats and push-ups and jumping, or some full body routine with dumbbells, or also register yourself in a gym and lifting weights.
  • Incentives, incentives, incentives. Your exercises have to grow in intensity over time so be sure to get results. Sedentary or sedentary not have to think about starting slowly, but to grow and improve over time. This is done from the first week and it is not difficult to achieve, in fact your body will naturally ask. The better it gets, the better it gets.

Finally, consistent. What we want you to understand is that there are no secrets or magic tricks to enhance or change your body. This all works and has always worked so it’s your turn to do it regularly and try to implement each and every one of your days, aiming to improve and progress in the food and exercise until you do, detecting points in your diet you can improving and searching for the biggest challenge in your exercise every time you have a chance.

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