How to lose weight and keep it anymore?

Sometime last article we said that all diets work if you put your mind to it and follow them. We speak of course of healthy diets and fad diets That Have No foundation. But back to topic, if you put more or less effort, and keep Levels your motivation without fear of contradiction high Say that anyone can lose weight.

But what happens later, most recover the lost weight on a diet and live a frustrating vicious circle Becomes That Is Difficult to escape. Anyone who has tried knows several diets.

You may lose Those Extra kilos, But as fast as flesh it out of the was diet recovered.

Then the problem is not the diet But what you do after mixing. When you get diet or weight loss plan Into a Certain rules you follow, there are foods you can eat and others not, there is an exercise program to follow and others. When From this plan you depart Because you manage your goal, or That Happened Because the event or wanted to look better Because the summer is ended … well, a bad habit of thinking That there are specific times of year to be healthy and fit, the Tendency is to get out from the plan and Completely think you can now do whatever you want, leaving all that you got the kilos Bothering you. Slowly go back to old habits, those that made you fat and the Consequence Is That You regain the lost weight, sometimes more.

What can we do to avoid getting fat again?

– Think of a maintenance plan and maintain it. Do not throw away everything that did it. If you return to your previous way of eating and your low level of activity will return to fat. There Must Be an Exercise plan meals and not is so That you can take strict time as your usual way of eating.

– Habit, habit, habit. If you get a weight loss plan into that is not as strict find that after you manage your weight loss is not as hard to keep doing something similar. Being fit and healthy are Being Maintained THROUGHOUT Things that are life. The sooner you realize That Should Accompany the Exercise THROUGHOUT your life you and that good nutrition is always something that can never be improved Then We Have to Struggle with weight again.

– Always keep an eye on the balance. What I usually do around the world Once Lost weight is to forget everything. But keep this in mind, how controlling your weight you will Regularly Have no way to stay. Maintenance Control means you. Weigh yourself weekly or every ten days to control your weight stays the numbers you want. Then everything is simple, if you increase the next weighing Means That You Lowered the amount / intensity of Exercise and / or not the amount of increased food. If you weigh yourself you can adjust variables to These Two keep you in your weight: Diet and Exercise.

– Commit. Decides you no longer return to overweight and from now on will live better and as you deserve. Think Straight and be fit and that’s the norm in your life. What sense does it keep old habits that only manage to make you feel bad with yourself? Forget about your old life and start living like you really want. The bottom line is as simple as that.

Remember, if you return to your old habits return to your old body.

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