How many calories need to reduce fat and lose weight?

The experts in weight loss agree that we should try to lose a kilo a week, tops. It is possible to lose more weight, but most likely at the expense of muscle and the liquid we have in our body. In any case always risky and ineffective as they either recover the lost weight quickly or fall behind your metabolism hindering the process of fat burning. Furthermore, the continued loss of a kilo each week than we are assured that only eliminate accumulated fat deposits in the body. This is the healthiest way to remove fat permanently and change body composition, while maintaining a high metabolic rate and healthy.

So if you focus on losing a kilo of fat you need to burn 9000 calories per week because one gram of fat contains 9 calories. Now, while this is the number of calories you need to burn to remove a kilo of fat not everything has to come from the diet. This is why you should reduce over 1000 calories per day, which is not recommended at all!

Then you’ll want to reduce 3000 or 4000 calorie diet per week, equivalent to reducing about 500 calories per day. This cut can mean leaving white bread at lunch, or breakfast cereals and fruits instead of coffee and pastry, or change the other mayonnaise dressing, or stop drinking sodas and drinks depotivas. Simple changes..

  • Sleep 8 hours instead of the few hours a day sleeping poorly can make you burn 500 extra calories a week
  • Replace sugar with stevia saves calories and poor nutrition
  • Just stay and eat at home and prepare a meal and eat fewer calories
  • Etc


Now, what I need is to increase your activity to burn other 4000 or 5000 calories a week. It seems a lot, but just doing a few exercises each week, walking a bit more than usual and generally be more active than you are now every day can take you easily to burn 5000 calories in a week.

  • Walk an hour at a comfortable pace makes you burn 300 calories, if you do it faster burn more
  • The elliptical makes you burn about 500 calories an hour at a rate of moderate to severe
  • Routines Length weights make you burn 350, 400 calories depending on the intensity, but also makes you burn calories up to 24, 36 hours of training

Some people need to adjust your cutting calories depending on your daily needs. If you are already consuming low amounts of energy, then cut 500 calories per day would not be a practical solution. In fact if you’re eating just have to do the opposite. If that’s the case here’s the link to an article about eat more and lose weight.

In any case, as most practical rule for counting your calories would be better to use percentages. This implies that for practical purposes could reduce your daily calories by 15-25% of your normal intake.

As an example, if you normally eat 2000 calories a day, then: 2000 calories x 0.2 (20%) = 400 calories
So you have to reduce 400 calories, so you’d be consuming 1600 calories per day.

The idea behind the percentage to reduce calories is to avoid consuming less than 1500 calories for men and 1200 for women. Going further can have serious consequences on our health.

Whichever method you’re looking to lose weight, do it gradually and focus on increasing your activity rather than reducing calories in the diet. You really need a high metabolism for sustained weight loss, and exercise is the best way to maintain a high metabolism and burn body fat.

Summing up, eat 300 to 500 fewer calories per day you will lose between 500 grams to 1 kilogram of weight (mostly fat) per week, which is a realistic goal.

It may sound little, but by staying focused on your goal and with patience you will get better results, more durable and above all HEALTHY. This is the path to the body you want. With only lose half a kilo per week (minimum), in 12 weeks you could lose 6 kilos, 12 kilos in 24 and so on. And if you really strive and commit, in 12 weeks you could lose as much as 12 kilos, or 24 in six months, or almost 50 kilograms in a year permanently!

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