Gymnastics for a flat stomach

flat ballyA flat stomach is not only a attractive part of the figure – if the abdominal muscles are well developed, they make the waist thinner and thinner thighs. At times it does not have much belly fat women is issue, so it is not for all time overweight. The fact that the shape of the stomach depends on the order of the muscles of the abdominal wall and the breadth of the layer of fat. If the muscles are weak, the stomach will bulge or sag.

For all overweight people, and for the majority women, strength training just needed to get rid of fat. While metabolism is not activated by increasing muscle mass, lose fat is impossible, even if you eat right and do aerobics.

That strength exercises are the most effective thing to do for a strong body. Exercises for the press to do either before meals or two hours after it. If the body does not receive any outside power, he will have to burn fat stores. Do not work too hard when you exercise, because muscles can separate, and thus formed a hernia. No need to repeat many times, and light exercise – effect of this practice will not be. First, to do light exercise and then move on to more complex.

How to do exercises to reduce belly?
Bend your knees, put your hands behind your head and lift your upper body to inhale, exhale down. Hands do not need to hook. In this work the upper abs. We need to do three sets of twenty-five times; each should be the last uphill stretch upward.
Lie on your back; put your hands under your buttocks and lift straight legs are not too high. Rising on the exhale, inhale down by fifty times without stopping. This trains the lower abs.
Cross legs at the knees at a right angle, put his hands behind his head and raised with the separation of the blades. The elbows are not bent, breathing technique is the same. In the work includes all the abdominal muscles.
Cross-legged at his feet, and lying to perform rolling – three sets of twenty times. In this work the upper and lower abs.
Bend in the knees, hands behind his head into the lock and turn to stretch your elbows to your knees the whole body, not bending the legs. Perform two sets of fifty times. In this work oblique. If you perform such exercises, a couple of months, the abdominal muscles get stronger.

You also need to do gymnastics and invisible – draw and relax the stomach of eight times. In addition, useful every day, rubbing his stomach with cold water – from the left side to right and vice versa, and then around the circle clockwise. If you exercise great need to wear a support belt, it is necessary during pregnancy.

Particular attention should be paid to women that strengthen the abdominal muscles can start only after six to eight weeks after vaginal delivery, and after two or two and a half months after cesarean section. If the abdominal wall is weakened after childbirth or severe weight loss, stomach can be rubbed with a mixture of rosemary broth, water, vinegar and salt.

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