Carles Ferrer, or MH Car in our forums, decided to change his life by Men’s Health, and managed to lose 23 kilos.

My name Carles Ferrer and I have 27 years. Since very little and I loved the sport. And so I continue: I am currently finishing the degree of Master of Physical Education. Next year, if all goes well, I’ll start the Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sport. I am also a basketball coach (working with a couple of teams), and practiced assiduously swimming and athletics. Of course, I also do my weight training (4-5 sessions a week) and Sunday stretches the legs with about 40 minutes of continuous running.

The alarm
All my life I have been what you would call a chubby kid. I do not remember a year of my life that has not started a diet. But always the left.

Walked Men’s Health
4 years or so ago I started reading the magazine. Like many, I took the paper to the network. I started to look around, take a look at the website of MH I met people who helped me with tips, interesting people who were worth (and worth it!) Very worthwhile. I went in and I was like, two years ago I moderated the forum, which allowed me to go straight to the finals in the contest New Face Men’s Health. It was the edition in which he won a good friend: David Diaz, known as Lizgor forum.

Being Classic Car
I remember the mood of the party caught my attention. So much that I kept the itch to participate. It was said and done: in January 2009 I started training and dieting. I thought my plan was ideal for getting a body cover. Actually the result was far from the one he wanted: in December, in the second edition of New Face, weighed 100 kilos? Was in 2010, the year of Fran Fiol. When I saw how it was done with the prize again entered me the same feeling as last year. WANT introduce myself, I want a radical change…

A before and after
That 2010 marked what is said before and after. Following a diet and train properly fit me, I got a fairly decent body that, today, I still feel proud.
Currently weight 81 kg, with 13% fat. This year I did something I never would have imagined: I attended the New Face … As aspiring cover! A triumph, especially after getting 23 in an edition in which 200 people showed up.

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