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Get a rush of endorphins with these exercises.
This total body workout causes a rush of endorphins uplifting you and puts you in shape for the rest of the day.

Follow this order:

  • Push boxes
  • Bridge and bending
  • Jump squats
  • Bridge and bending

Rest 2 minutes after each set and repeat 6 times.

Get in the normal position but do push ups with your hands on two boxes of 15 cm in height. This way you can go lower and will expand the range of motion. Additional stretching of the pectorals and triceps causes you to gain more strength.

Make the bridge, supporting you through the toes and forearms. With tight core and hips still, put your hands one after the other and raises the body almost to lock your elbows. Then back to the bridge position. We help define the rectus abdomens.

Put your hands on your hips, do a squat and vertical jump while wearing the knees to the chest. Try to be in contact with the ground as quickly as possible. This exercise works the glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps to develop explosive power in the legs

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