Foods that assist skin tanning

skin tanningMaybe you’ve heard that eating mango; carrot or pumpkin helps to chocolate the skin, but may not know that eating spinach, lettuce, kiwi or regularly also helps skin tan without sun exposure. All these fruits and vegetables have this consequence because its vitamins beta-carotene and alpha-carotene, the precursor of vitamin A.

And what is its meaning? As these vitamins protect us from skin from sun damage and increase melanin formation, defense has the body to ward off the sun’s rays. So no need to abuse the sun, or risking dangerous and painful burns to achieve an attractive tan.

As mentioned above, during summer is very important to hydrate properly, otherwise we risk suffering a heat stroke, or that our dry skin suffers more during sun exposure. Also, if the sun we should always use sunscreen with a factor of 15, sunglasses and wear comfortable step, nothing to go tight.

When you tan, continue to use sunscreen because it is incredible that a tan is better protected. Because if you lower the chance of burns, radiation continues to affect our cells, so if we prolonged exposure can end up altering their operation, which would result in skin cancers.

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