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weekends ExerciseExercising the weekend is for a number of a good idea, and the truth is that in restraint can actually be a good idea. But those who do sport on a regular basis tend to see what I call a weekend warrior or weekend warrior.

For weekend soldier I mean people who do no exercise during the week, and then during the weekend aspiring leader recover all the lost time, people who give so carefully that it seems that any time you strike out for a failure.

Health experts do not tire of repeating that the important thing is to exercise regularly to prevent cardiovascular risks. Let that one should exercise several times a week and not all at once the weekend sunlight of punishment in order to avoid a heart attack.

In fact give exact figures; it appears that the chances of suffering a heart assault during intense physical exercise are duplicated in those performing less than four hours per week of exercise. At the same time avoid injuries or complications caused by a physical force that do not give much effort.

Today I think we all clear that a sedentary lifestyle without exercise is bad for health, but equally clear we have to do physical exercised several days a week, not just on weekends. If your tasks will prevent it and just have free on Saturday and Sunday, then do not force the machine, but you exercise moderately such as brisk walking for miles or take a bike ride.

Excessive exercise or strenuous activity when you are not used can be dangerous to health, so remember that aside from making held the weekends, and you do during the week.

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