Example of a cardio routine for the week

Then we will show examples of cardio for the week that combines different ways to train and with different intensities. Combine these routines have alternating and varied training and in turn cash.


Each cardio routine touch you must move in what would be different types of intensity:

  • Intensity 1: easy
  • Intensity 2: challenging but comfortable
  • Intensity 3: challenging but uncomfortable
  • Intensity 4: hard, intense, full

If you are a beginner to the exercise you want to keep forever in your training intensities 1 and 2 until you have more physical.

Cardio Routines


Duration: 30 minutes
You can be in: treadmill, running outdoors in elliptical, stationary bikes or road, rowing machine.

  • – Heat 2 Intensity 1 minute, then 3 minutes at Intensity 2.
  • – 1 minute Intensity 4
  • – 1 minute Intensity 2
  • – Repeat these two steps 9 times (1 minute to 4, 1 minute to 2)
  • – Cooled 5 minutes Intensity 1

Cardio moderate

Duration: 40 minutes
You can be running, cycling or any cardio machine. If you can do it in any different to last year much better.

  • – Heat 5 minutes at Intensity 1
  • – Beat 8 minutes exercising in Intensity 3
  • – 2 minutes Intensity 2
  • – Repeat the previous two steps two more times (8 minutes to 3, 2 minutes to 2)
  • – 5 minutes of cooling at Intensity 1

Long, slow cardio steadily

Duration: 60 minutes
Running, cycling, on any cardio machine.

  • – Heat 5 minutes at Intensity 1
  • – Get a rate of intensity 2 and coaching for 50 minutes
  • – Intensity 1 5 minutes to cool

Once you complete the 3 routines begin again with the routine intervals to complete the round and the week, leaving a day to rest. If you want to maximize your fat loss can do weights twice a week before cardio moderate or long slow cardio. Eventually all this will perform much better with a good diet.

Eat healthy, become constant, challenge, improve your numbers and the results will simply be a matter of time.

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