Do not play in the gym

We alerted of 4 exercises you can break rather than get stronger. Often the hardest thing is to wear. And now, between beach and holiday meals, at the end one has trouble finding time for the gym. But be careful, because you could be a repeat of the disaster in April. And is that some of the most popular exercises are also the most dangerous.

Not to mention all those who are totally ineffective.

Possibly your routine includes an example of each. Here are four exercises you should discard and four alternatives

The narrow grip compression can cause stress, which increases the chances of the rotators cuff caught in the joint. This problem, known as lifter’s shoulder is a complicated injury.

Upright row wide grip

Grab a bar (or a pair of dumbbells) and hold it in front of your thighs with your hands shoulder width, palms facing the body. Bend your elbows and raise the bar until your arms are parallel to the floor and slowly lower to the starting position.

Perhaps you think is a good alternative to dips (especially if you have no strength to do a complete series of this last year), but place your arms behind your body creates extreme stress on the shoulders. If you add weight, the danger increases.

Pushups with hands together

Put yourself in the position of doing pushups (body should form a straight line from head to ankles). Tense your abs, tighten the buttocks and down without separating the sides elbows until your chest is a few inches off the ground. For a moment, down and up again.

Imagine that you submit to twist a bottle of water: if you just turn the top, the center twists and weakens. And so does the body. The hips and shoulders are designed to rotate together. If only broken one of them will hurt your spine.

Movement Cable lumberjack

Hooked a rope to a high pulley, grab it with both hands and stand upright with the stack of plates on your left, feet shoulder width. Without bending your elbows, pull the rope diagonally across the trunk in the direction the right foot. Return to starting position.

The body is not symmetrical. Any machine that forces the two to follow the same itinerary hemi bodies sets the stage for injury. You can lift more weight pushing against the back, but better an exercise that allows the arms to move independently.

Dumbbell Bench Press

Lie on a bench holding a pair of dumbbells with arms extended above your chest, palms facing forward. Without changing the angle of the hands, lower the dumbbells to the sides of the chest. Dentente and lift them up quickly.

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