Diet recipes-Stuffed with chicken

Diet chicken saladDiet cabbages are stuffed with chicken. The method of cooking is very simple, and they are ideal for people who are clearly watching their own weight.

To prepare the cabbage with chicken, you may need: cabbage leaves (10-15 pc), their number depends on the amount of cabbage, which you are going to cook chicken breast (2 pieces), chicken broth (2-3 cups) brown rice (1 / 3 stakana), unsweetened and low-fat yogurt, Parmesan cheese (100g), salt.

1. Boil until tender in salted water cabbage leaves. Lightly beat off the central part, so that leaves more easily folded.
2. Boil until half of Fig.
3. Boil chicken breasts, chop in a blender or finely chop. Do not rush to pour the broth from the chicken breasts; you will come in handy when he was still putting out stuffed cabbage.
4. Mix chicken, rice and yogurt. Season with salt.
5. Stuffed starting, roll, put in a pot or kettle with a thick bottom, pour chicken broth so that the liquid is covered stuffed.
6. Sprinkle cabbage with grated cheese. Simmer for 30 minutes under the lid.
7. Ready stuffed with cheese, cover with sauce of garlic, yogurt, green.

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