Chewing gum helps you lose daily 1,000 calories a month!

A study in the United Kingdom by the “Wrigley Science Institute”, an organization that promotes research on the benefits of chewing gum, said to have shown that chewing gum in the moments of greatest stress serves to lose between 25 and 36 calories per day.

According to Marion Hetherington, the British Institute expert, l key is sweet tastes with many jets, such as chocolate, because it does not contain sugar somehow trick the brain. Also, the fact helps control chewing “longs” and it goes to the refrigerator.

According to nutritionist Carlas Magda, who participated in the presentation of the study, “chew gum helps not snack between meals, one of the causes of overweight in Spain, where we have a bad habit of skip breakfast and lunch, accumulating hours of hunger for lunch and dinner. ”

Also, Dr. said that chewing gum helps calm anxiety and, therefore, to “prevent the food we abuse of boredom, anxiety or psychological problems.

More interesting facts of the jet: 10% raises the production of saliva, which prevents dry mouth, also serve to prevent accidents, to calm nerves, as he explained Monica Grossoni psychologist.

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