Burn calories in the gym to burn not at work

Burn caloriesThe fatness can be a risky risk to our physical health, and not go to the gym have consequences for our cerebral health, increasing the likelihood of despair and burnout at work. What we offer today is to burn calories at the gym to burn not at work.

It turns out that workers who find time for physical work out are less likely to experience a deterioration of their mental health, including despair and burned worker syndrome, although related are not the same.

Despair is a clinical disorder of mood, and the worker burned disease refers to a physical exhaustion, cognitive and touching.

According to studies, those employees who exercise about four hours a week halved the odds of deteriorating mental health. Exercise helps to get away from problems, and approach them differently. For example, in sports we can easily overcome present challenges to help improve our mood at the same time helps us to socialize.

This could encourage many employers encourage their employees to exercise, to match their schedule, to come to agreements with gyms or adapt their facilities so that workers can stay in shape and increase production and reduce absenteeism labor. This would be at least two or three hours of exercise per week.

Otherwise you can produce a negative spiral, which would in those sedentary workers do not perform any type of exercise throughout the week or go to the gym, but deteriorate your physical health, gain weight and increase your blood pressure, increasing the chances of suffering from mental health problems.

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