Beware of fad diets

What happens to your body when you lose weight too quickly? After Christmas is usual to find ways to lose the kilos gained, but watch lose many kilos in a short time. This is what awaits you if you cross the thin red line (of the scale).

“Ideally, in six months to reduce 10% of our weight,” says Dr. Sonia Gomez, Department of Metabolism and Nutrition Center for Scientific Research (CSIC). “Any diet that exceeds these values can cause problems metabolism or even pathology, “he warns.

When losing weight, the amount is as important as quality. If you release the maximum ballast in the minimum time, in addition to getting rid of excess fat also delete a lot of muscle. To avoid this, thinks that “every diet must be accompanied by a training program,” recommends the expert of the CSIC.

“The production of glucose, the main energy source of the body’s metabolic process in which most affects excessive weight loss,” said Dr. Gomez. In addition to direct harm to brain activity (this is the organ that consumes more glucose in relation to its weight), also alters the production of other important substances like insulin, adrenaline, cortical and growth hormone. The main symptoms of hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) include weakness, headache, anxiety, ataxia (impaired ability to coordinate movements) and, in extreme cases, delirium and coma.

This is the thin skin when in excess. “Sagging is due to the lack of collagen and elastin, two substances responsible for its flexibility,” explains Dr. Daniel Candelas, a dermatologist at the Ruber Clinic in Madrid. This phenomenon is especially concentrated in the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips, chest and arms. To avoid the “accordion effect”, “tries to keep applying yourself well hydrated skin creams rich in vitamins A and E after showering, and drinking plenty of water,” the specialist recommends. Also avoid alcohol and coffee do not abuse.

Besides looking like a deflated balloon, can stay bald. Too strict diets often cause a deficit of important nutrients such as zinc, magnesium, vitamins A, B and D and especially iron. “Lack of these substances can cause hair loss and brittle nails,” warns Dr. Candelas. Consultation with a specialist to prescribe you some supplements.

Watch your step because the weight loss can be very sharp and fast degenerating psychological disorders also. “Most common are eating disorders,” warns Dr. Gomez. Think you can finish taking them addition to bed. “While anorexia nervosa inhibits sex drive in bulimia nervosa the effect is just the opposite,” the expert expands.

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