Allow the child decide what to eat to put off overweight

Child DietLet the child want what you eat seems to be the new calculate to prevent overweight in the United Kingdom, in fact would be relevant to children aged 20 months.

Maybe more than one will be surreal or irresponsible, but let the child choose what to eat to avoid being overweight can be a good idea, considering that this new theory you do is let the child choose between a variety of foods reelected by parents.

Obviously a child under two years will not know logically decide what to eat, or will develop their own diet, and what about children who prefer any cookie, muffin or bauble before a good vegetable soup … this is a matter of education and responsibility.

Let the child choose what he wants to eat us avoid a good number of conflicts when we sit at the table, and it is positive at the time to instill healthy eating, as though the little one who chooses, the range of options provided be healthy.

To reach these conclusions, it appears that a team of researchers tracked more than a hundred children aged between twenty months and six years.

More than half of the children could choose what they wanted to eat, while others were fed pureed children who chose to parent. In both cases, children were fed all kinds of food: fruits, vegetables, meats, etc..

What we found was that children who chose those who would chose to eat more carbohydrate eating that children who were fed pureed baby food or infant, and instead fed infants had the sweet porridge as their favorite food.

It may be interesting or surprising, but at the end of the study the rate of obesity was higher among children who were fed baby food by their parents, even after accounting for socioeconomic factors, had the baby weight at birth, or weight parents, let the child choose what to eat had helped to avoid becoming overweight.

If you have trouble feeding your children, maybe you could try this technique, ie, let them choose between several servings of different foods, provided they are healthy choices, it is likely that the medium and long term results surprise you .

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