9 reasons why you’re not losing weight

No introductions here are some reasons why you are not losing weight.

  1. You think you eat healthy, but you do not
    If your table is a soda for lunch then you are not eating healthy. If you eat white bread you’re eating healthy. If you eat sugar either and if you eat a lot of white flour either. What is healthy eating? You eat real food, eating fruits, eating vegetables, eating grains, meat, fish, dairy, poultry, and eat whole foods that are in as natural a state as possible.

  2. You have fallen victim of chronic cardio
    Do you do the same cardio exercise since you started the gym? How about the duration, remain about 20 minutes, half an hour? If you do you are missing a very important concept about exercise: progression. Your body, to improve must receive constant stimuli, if it does not improve, fits what you give and stays without obtaining further progress. There are many ways to stir your cardio to keep getting results: change, increasing time, duration, and intensity are some alternatives you can implement now.
  3. You won muscle
    While we always talk about the simplest method to control what your weight is using a scale, this method is not the most effective of all. The scale does not have the whole story, does not measure muscle mass or amount of fluid in your body, and your body fat percentage. It may not have won thin because muscle tissue. In this case it is a good thing since you changed your body composition, you’re changing your muscle structure and makes you burn more calories. If you want more precision ideally a body fat meter gauge, there will know exactly if your body is improving or not.
  4. You are not controlling your carbs
    It is thought that fat is what is making everyone fat but in fact much of the problem is in the carbs. If you’re having trouble losing weight may be eating too many carbohydrates, and on the bad guys. You know refined carbohydrates, simple sugars, sodas, pizzas, breads, juice drinks, and white flour.
  5. You overeating
    It seems common sense, but it is not. A part of the equation for weight loss is healthy eating. The other is to guard the amounts. Calories still matter and if you eat more than your body needs, whether or not health food, get fat.
  6. Has not developed good habits, nor have eliminated the bad
    Be honest with you at still skipping exercises, missing the gym, doing your exercises only out of obligation? Are you still tempting you to night and everything you ate healthy during the day it rewards bad with a lot of food at night? Have you stopped once and for all the mayonnaise, butter, beer? Identify your bad eating habits and working to improve them. But at the same time aims to develop the good, develop the discipline to go to training every day, learn to cook up healthy, get motivated to achieve the weight you want, etc.
  7. Your pantry and your refrigerator stink
    This is not rocket science. If your cupboards are full of unhealthy food, if you look where you look you find junk food then that is what you eat, and you can go anticipating the outcome of it. Throw all your junk food and replace it with healthy foods. Do the same with your fridge. If you do not see there is less chance that what you eat, and also to automatically replace all that food you’re eating healthier.
  8. Your willpower is the minimum
    Willpower is like a muscle, is strengthened when the works. In the same way you feed your body also has to do with your desire. How? Step by step, small victories, one after another until you get what you want. This is perhaps one of the most decisive and that will make all the difference between achieving your weight loss longed or keep fighting and disappoint with the results you get.
  9. You replete of excuses
    If you are having mini discussions or arguments with yourself about why you should eat less and better, or why you have to do as much exercise then you’ll of excuses. The question is very simple; weight loss is a set of things you have to do, if you do become slim, but no. So if you’re in the middle of a situation where you do not stop get better buts review your priorities, understand that if you want to change your body you have to be disputes to pay the price to do so.

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