5 Tips about food and exercise to lose weight

Losing weight is restoring the lost balance between what you eat and what you burn. Read on to discover how to improve that balance…

  • Tip 1. Re-finding the healthy balance
    If you have to limit the amount of calories in and exercising at a moderate pace intense if you want to lose weight. How do you do? Controlling, we never tire of repeating. It is this: you weigh today such that weight and score. Then, over the next seven days you exercise and eat normally as you usually do. Weigh yourself? Back to you increased? Decrease the amount of food / exercise and increases its intensity? Came down? Continues until the time comes to make adjustments (when weight loss has stopped).

  • Tip 2. Exercising with an empty stomach
    As a rule between 40 minutes and one hour of exercise of moderate to intense cardio every other day is what is recommended. But if you do that cardio in the morning to just get up early and on empty stomach exercise effectiveness is enhanced. What tends to happen at this time is that your carbohydrate reserves are empty and your body uses more existing fat as fuel. Then go home and eat breakfast so your body does not start using the precious muscle tissue for fuel. Also if you still eat breakfast with a fast metabolism, which in turn makes you burn more calories throughout the morning while keeping your energy levels high and you stand wake up and for all you have to do.
  • Tip 3. On the weights and food
    Any weight loss plan must include the weights for exercise, or at least the strength exercises (calisthenics, kettle bells, bands, etc). Now, having said that you’d be making a mistake if you think you have to eat less. On the contrary when you have to eat right weights. Think for a moment, is an ideal situation for you and that incorporating weights to lose weight does not have to take too much food as the need for energy. Even better, with the right foods to eat can most abundant. Concentrate on consuming lean sources of protein like skinless chicken breast or eggs, and if you can buy a whey protein before and after training that helps, but the good thing about the food is that you meet (not a shake) Focus on quality carbohydrates like oats and brown rice and consume large amounts of fruits and vegetables.
  • Tip 4. Spend hungry?
    There is a misconception those to lose weight you have to go hungry, probably derived from what is said of the energy equation (eat less and burn more). We will repeat the same thing up here, if you can choose never hungry. Your goal should be to consume nutrient-dense foods and low in calories, and not what is commonly done eating foods high in calories and zero nutrition we provide. if you make sure that the first thing you can even eat more food that you eat now and yet lose weight. Learn to choose, learn about low-calorie foods and how to prepare them is to your taste and palate.
  • Tip 5. If breakfast is breakfast or not?
    Breakfast always. All meals are important, but if you are serious about the kilos that you take your breakfast are key. Among other things you breakfast energy recharge after several hours without eating (dinner plus hours of sleep and morning cardio). On the other hand is more than proven that eating breakfast makes you eat less throughout the day, something you want to do regularly. It also serves to control your appetite and that if you make the grave mistake of getting up and shooting out to work when you get to eat lunch for two breakfasts and three lunches. The hunger you feel is such that the least you do is control the amount of food, and if you try to do your body will tell obviously hungry because I have not eaten. Eat breakfast; you do yourself a huge favor in countless ways.
    Have your own tips? Tell us in the comments, we want this blog to become a very big community and that we all work together to improve every day…

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