4 exercises to burn calories

Put into orbit your metabolic rate with this exercise that will spend a lot of calories. With this routine will shoot the number of calories burned.


Put your back parallel to the ground, picks up two heavy dumbbells without bending the legs only. Tense the buttocks merge completely with your back straight (dead weight) and have the hips forward to get up.

The effort lower body increases caloric expenditure at rest.


It is time to take a walk not very nice. Put the dumbbells on the shoulders and gives five steps to the front (or more if you have room).

This is the part that increases metabolism, so tense muscles and make sure the execution is perfect.


Now raise the dumbbells above your head without bending your back: this way you involve more muscles and you increase exercise intensity.

Focus on the shoulders and the great dorsal when lifting weights. Hold them up for 2 seconds and lower them back down to his shoulders in a controlled manner.


The last effort. Get down slowly until your thighs are almost parallel to the floor. Hold position a couple of seconds and then tense your thighs and buttocks to merge again.

Walk back to the starting position and rejoice as your metabolism working at top speed.

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