15 errors weighty

Discover 15 gaffes slip us as absolute truths.

  • Error 01 – The potatoes are fattening. They have a 75-80% water, the rest is carbohydrate provides only 85 kcal. per 100 g therefore not hyper caloric.
  • Error 02 – Vegetables do not have any protein or fat. They have few calories, but the amount of protein is acceptable.
  • Error 03 – Combining vegetable protein quality are obtained. Vegetable proteins do not contain all essential amino acids. Vegetarians try to combine the various plant types to provide these amino acids.

  • Error 04 – Carrots and tomatoes improve sight. But they are not only rich in vitamin A or retinol, so are leafy vegetables and certain fruits.
  • Error 05 – Onions are good for circulation. The nutrients which are not involved in the flow of blood, but the sulfur compounds help prevent clotting.
  • Error 06 – The fruit should be taken on an empty stomach or between meals. The calories you consume a food are the same regardless of when taken.
  • Error 07 – Dried fruits lose most of its properties. Only lose water and retain a concentrated, most fresh fruit nutrients.
  • Error 08 – The chestnut is a fruit that has more calories. It is a product with low amount of protein and fat, and has a higher proportion of water than other nuts.
  • Error 09 – The broiler pan. The caloric content of 100 g of white bread is about 250 kcal. As daily accompaniment of high-fat foods, we blame the extra kilos.
  • Error 10 – All cereals containing gluten. Gluten is the main protein compound of all cereals except maize and rice.
  • Error 11 – Legumes are low-quality foods. Help improve our cholesterol levels, to control the percentage of sugar and prevent gastrointestinal diseases.
  • Error 12 – Legumes are foods low in fibr a. The average is around six grams of fiber per 100 grams of cooked vegetables.
  • Error 13 – If you take iron, eat vegetables. The iron is present in its ferrous form, so that the body uses this iron worst we can supply the meat.
  • Error 14 – Legumes are fattening. They are a balanced food, and fattening as Guisen: less if stewed with vegetables that if made with chorizo ​​or in a stew.
  • Error 15 – The milk is the primary source of calcium. Good source: 100 mg. per 100 ml. However, as in Spain consume little milk cheese should be invoked (1,000 mg. Per 100 gr.)

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