What should I exercise in my age?

fitnessAge appropriate exercise is a source of health and physical and mental wellbeing. Conduct a sport is essential to keep fit as possible avoiding disease and dysfunction in our bodies. Want to know what is the best you doing?

A balanced diet and some exercise are the best prescription for healthy living. From a simple walk to higher impact sports such as tennis, basketball, paddle tennis, jogging, etc … any sport and aerobic exercise involves putting “up” our hearts, increase the speed of blood circulation and make muscles work setting in motion the various joints.

The sport must adapt to the physical characteristics of each person. Keep in mind that what is good for some may be counterproductive in certain cases. The age and general health will determine the most appropriate activity and degree of intensity.

A sport for every age
During childhood and adolescence sport is essential for proper development. It is also a fun activity that contributes to the formation What is the best? Just the one you like and enjoy the most children, if there is no pathology that makes it inadvisable.

A TOP 20
From the 20 years or so, the human body reaches its optimal level of development. In that wonderful youth the body has energy to spare to perform intense physical activity and sports are the most desirable focus on improving the strength and power of it.

Unfortunately, nowadays, many young people spend much of their time watching television and more at the computer so we must insist on the importance of sport at these early ages, on one hand, healthy habits and secondly, to obtain the best chance of preventing body and physical fitness in future years.

Football, basketball, athletics, jogging, aerobics, cycling, gymnastics, running, hiking … is the optimal time for individual muscle groups reach their full natural development.

AT 30
Do some daily exercise or practice at least three times a week is a great way to prevent problems that may arise as the years progress, especially exceeded thirty. Sedentary lifestyle, stress and physical changes proper to the stage of maturity can lead to increased body fat located in certain areas such as abdomen and hips, decreased muscle mass and progressive softening of the bones. It’s time to choose the sport that best suits your features and your tastes.

A variety of exercises appropriate table for half an hour (in the gym or at home) and at least three days a week will keep you as preventing cardiovascular problems, while your muscles tone up and fall behind the vital process of aging to achieve a better oxygenation of tissues.

Aerobic exercise is perfect (and fun) and if you prefer, dancing is an activity that mobilizes fat, muscles and heart in a little aggressive. The bike is also highly recommended, if you start pedaling a few minutes and go lengthening the sessions gradually. Another right sport from tennis is thirty, and that gently tones the muscles of legs and arms while molding the figure and promotes flexibility, coordination and balance. If you’re in good shape paddle tennis is a sport of strength, endurance and speed and a great “burning calories”.

The 40
The arrival of forty does not have to mean neglect your fitness. At this stage should begin to limit high-impact exercises with jumps and sudden drops and opt for sports aimed at toning muscles, so as to avoid the dreaded sagging (some weights may be used), and help maintain bones in good condition. Walking is recommended at any age, but as the years go by it becomes easier and sport in one of the most complete for the entire body.

Tables of yoga, pilates, tai chi or just a series of gymnastic exercises to stretch muscles that pursue and strengthen bones are perfect for this stage. Moreover, the sports played in water, especially swimming and water aerobics are suitable for any age and more than recommended from the forties. Exercising in water is especially nice, very safe (this means it is difficult for muscle injuries occur) and sets in motion the whole body almost without realizing it. Swimming is great for preventing back pain and joint problems (arthritis, arthrosis, etc.).

Whenever there is no medical contraindication, from the fifties, sixties and seventies, why not? Spend a few minutes daily exercise will help to improve overall health. Swimming, walking or a table of gentle exercise will make you feel great at any age.

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