Weight lose with no altering diet

Weight lose Approximately all have long known that it is best to eat small portion, but many half-empty kind of dish is not very agreeable feeling. And to cope with this difficulty, to organize your meals will help volumetric. The principle on which this technique is based, founded in the name – in English means the amount of volume, size.

Using this system can significantly reduce the calories consumed portions, but at the same time maintaining their standard volume. Volumetric allows for a short time to get rid of a few extra pounds, in addition, it helps to improve digestion.

To achieve this, you need half the normal portion of food to replace the same amount of low-calorie foods, such as vegetables or fruit. This will reduce the caloric content of food almost in half, while maintaining its volume.

In volumetric there are a few simple rules. In particular, used to dilute portions of vegetables should not be starchy. That is, should limit the consumption of potatoes, corn and pumpkins. You also need to be replaced by high-calorie foods that contain a minimum of calories, for example, eat fruits instead of sugar or honey. Should significantly limit the intake of salt, since it has the ability to retain water in the body. Pickled and smoked meats should be replaced with lemon juice and spices. Instead of mayonnaise and ketchup is recommended to use low-fat yogurt, and cereal with milk is not prepared, and on the water.

Here, for example, the perfect menu. Half portions of the usual breakfast can be replaced with sweet fruit, but instead of sweet tea to drink more unsweetened chocolate with one slice. Lunch may consist of a small piece of cheese, cup of nonfat yogurt and fruit. For lunch, it is desirable to prepare a vegetable soup, and the second – fish or meat with a garnish of vegetables. It is advisable not to use the fried foods. At lunch you can eat fruit, some cheese, cottage cheese or yogurt, diet bread. Fifty percent of the usual dinner is better to replace portions of steamed or boiled vegetables, and eat it, not later than two hours before bedtime. If you stick to this diet, daily intake of calories will decrease by 1250.

In volumetric very simple – eating portions of the usual volume can quickly lose a few pounds, so this technique is very popular around the world.

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