Weight lose form a beautiful thigh

Weight loseRegular exercise will help you lose fat in this part of the body. Massage activates blood circulation and lymph flow, a positive effect on metabolic processes:- the legs and buttocks thoroughly mash your hands in the direction of a bottom-up or walk on them massager. Anti-cellulite creams use complex in a massage or apply after it.

Two. Exercises for legs and glutes:- Stand on all fours on the floor (resting on bent at the elbow). The body and head form a straight line. Bent at the knee, leg lift, lower, raise again. Perform 15 times without touching the floor with his foot. Change legs and repeat.

Three. To preserve the freshness of the skin in the thighs to help the tomato. Tomatoes contain biologically active compounds that promote skin regeneration. Tomato juice improves metabolic processes in the body, so it is recommended for weight loss.
Slender “banana women” can afford almost everything and still can not worry about weight. But then add a little female bends her athletic figure it is not easy.
– Do not go for any fat – consume more healthy high-calorie vegetable oils.
– Keep your purse in his bag of peanuts. Nutritional cheeses – also your meal. In soups safely add the sour cream or cream.
– Quench your thirst for 100% natural juices. Useful and nutritious for the “banana” yogurt smoothies with bananas, berries and fruit with the addition of syrup, juice or honey.

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