Weight lose Egg Diet

dietThe egg comes to our health. Therefore, to include it in diet, not only ideal to keep our weight, but also to incorporate all the nutrients they need.

The egg also gives us a feeling of fullness, protein and energy to our body.

This diet lasts for a week and are held only three meals a day.

We give you options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Choose one of the various proposals that we offer below.

• Tea or coffee without sugar or sweetener.
• squeezed orange juice.
• Tortilla egg and cream cheese.

• Pasta with tomato sauce.
• Spinach Tortilla.
• lamb loin with steamed vegetables.
• Baked fish with boiled potatoes.
• Grilled chicken with lettuce and carrots.
• eggplant tart.
Always complete with a boiled egg and fruit salad for dessert.

• A boiled egg.
• Salad of lettuce, tomato, carrot, arugula, cabbage or cauliflower.
• Tuna salad.
• One serving of fruit.

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