Want to take advantage of your trip to the gym?

Gym tipsGet in shape and thought that what better way than gunning the gym. not the first time you see, with some despair that your goals are not met. Therefore, we propose a series of tips that can help you make the most of your gym days.

• Consistency, constancy and consistency!
It sounds repetitive, but it is fundamental. If not, you will not see results. So not a bad idea even record the visits to the gym on the agenda, giving the same importance as a meeting or an appointment with a friend.

• Do not seek (and find!) Excuses. Organize your time, book at least three hours a week to go to the gym. Try to be disciplined and regular.
• Better together. Form a group to perform any physical activity is more rewarding and also enhances motivation. Getting in the gym instead of cafeteria are ways to encourage one another and remain faithful to the exercise program.
• In experienced hands. Having chosen the gym, why not put in the hands of a personal trainer? When you clear about your goals, lose weight, gain muscle mass, improve your fitness … – he will be who will provide the most appropriate table for your particular case. And is that not everyone needs the same.
• Be obedient. Now if you mentioned a series of exercises to do, try to meet them, without going and without getting short. If something does not work and believe that should change, not unilaterally make the decision and check with him before taking the plunge.
• Mixing activities. Do not focus only on group activities such as aerobics, water aerobics, salsa, etc., that may seem more entertaining. Combine them with exercises to strengthen your muscles and stay loose.
• Do not forget that … It is important to always have a bottle of water and a towel.
• Time to time. Do not obsess about losing weight. It is very important to think that things are achieved lasting slowly.
• And above all … we must not fall into the trap of making exercise a duty but a passion. Exercise is extremely healthy and also to help you achieve your ideal weight, you will feel better.

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