Walking for Weight Loss

During the first meeting between the various studies usually ask my patients about details regarding their level of physical activity, so in addition to the type of work the person performs, also wonder if it’s something physical, or is Babita to walk, walking, and those who have a sedentary lifestyle advice to include a half hour walk or bicycle or exercise bike a day.
Some say that as an alternative also go up and down stairs can be good exercise (perhaps being careful to avoid being seen by neighbors who might think of being in front of a neighbor with a problem!).

The ‘physical activity should be gradual, moderate, steady and pleasant.
Gradual because who does not have any training can not begin out of nowhere to go for a tour of Italy;
Moderate because, as Claudio Mafias (professor of pediatric clinic of the University of Verona, who led the study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology), walking at 4 miles per hour (which is the speed of an ordinary walking) burns calories 40% from fat body. rate increases, this percentage drops: 6 km / hour, for example, fat intake is stopped at around 20% but with a greater feeling of fatigue and increased appetite.
” Regular physical activity – underlines Mafias – is recommended for all overweight people, in all its forms, no matter who is a walking, jogging or swimming in the pools. As is evident from our study an aerobic exercise at lower intensity allows the most effective fat loss.”
And ‘this is certainly the principle that underlay even the advice of Dr. Richard From the Grave (specialist in endocrinology and nutrition sciences, as well as national and international expert in eating disorders) in one of his many published books, reports a series of recommendations to increase the level of physical activity during normal daily activities.
Carry them in hopes they can be useful to those who are totally sedentary:
– Try to walk as often as possible;
– Take advantage of work breaks to take a walk (even if only for five minutes!)
– Extending the usual route with some diversion;
– Move as much as possible on foot or by bicycle;
– Do not use escalators or elevators, or electrical accessories for household tasks: further reduce the movement, instead use the energy in the body;
– Go up the stairs several times …..
– Wash your car by hand instead of the automatic washing;
– Increase sexual activity which, in addition to being pleasant, determines a consumption which can vary from 50 to 250 Cal for each ratio ….
After reading this, I feel unattractive my advice to use pedometer, which may function as a stimulus during the day to reach the desirable level of physical activity!

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