Vital rules of losing weight on a diet

weight loseIf the mesh weight is because your anxiety and want to fast lose a few extra pounds, do not despair! There are 10 easy rules by which your figure will come in the best condition, and you lastly get rid of the problems with being overweight.

So, let’s start our expedition into the world of harmony! Today we’ll show you a few golden rules that will guarantee the desired effect. Maybe someone does seem strange, but the excess weight and related problems begin with the head, or rather with the thoughts and ideas about their bodies.

So the first rule is easy sufficient: it is necessary to sit down, calm down and ask yourself the subsequent questions: 1) Why do I need to lose weight and why I want it? 2) How does losing weight affect on my life? 3) Do not because it harm my health? Try to answer all questions honestly, to finally establish themselves in their quest and set themselves achievable, clear and specific goal.

Abstract phrases like “I want to be slim” or “I want to lose weight a little,” are not the targets, it is simply desire. It is necessary to understand exactly what to mark on the balance you seek. Only in this case, your goal wills tangible features, which will be a great motivator.

Rule number two: daily drink at least eight glasses of water. The optimal water balance in the body needs in order to promptly remove toxins and burn fat, but otherwise all efforts will go down the drain.

The third rule: in the daily diet include at least nine servings of fresh fruits and vegetables. They quickly satisfy hunger, contain large amounts of both the body needs minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and fiber, and the minimum number of calories.

Rule number four: do not eat fat. Prefer food, grilled, steamed or oven.

Rule five:
Try to move more. If you move a little, fat accumulates in the body faster. On the contrary: an active lifestyle makes it possible to burn extra calories. There are lots of different exercises to help lose weight, some of which can be found on our website. Already by that recommendation alone can achieve success.

Rule number six has to do with your love life. How long ago established a science, sex – a great substitute for fitness since during prolonged foreplay and orgasm loss of up to 500 calories. Increase the amount of sex in my life, and it will not only give you the desired consistency, but also delight your loved one!

The seventh rule: do not indulge yourself and never stop. If you set about losing weight, then go to the end and endure any hardship, until you see the balance cherished figure. At the slightest slack, a little indulgence and relaxation of all the efforts and achievements turn to ashes.

The eighth rule is: avoid boredom, and constant thoughts of overweight. The attention fixated on the problem will not help in its solution, but only make it worse. Some people, following the lead of laziness and sad thoughts, even buying diet pills, but many nutritionists do not recommend to do that! Much better to ignore any extraneous activities, a walk in the fresh air, recharge your positive emotions from communication with friends or attending cultural events.

Rule number nine: listen to your inner voice. Listen to your body, since he is able to promptly give you the right solution, if you accidentally picked up his improper diet for the digestive system overload or a gym.

So we have come to rule number ten: believe in success, as the belief in yourself – the most magical cure for any problem. Do not doubt their abilities and capabilities of your body for a second, because our bodies are not only able to gain weight fast, but fast enough to drop them, above all, a little bit help them do that.

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