Tips for slimming

slimmingSlimming is equal to or spend glow more calories than you consume. Walking, breathing, or even sleeping burns calories, but not the same as running, jumping or biking.

Now, what to do to lose weight? The basis for starting a weight loss program is to establish exercise routines and eating habits. These routines should be constant for long-term changes can be distinguished.

The feeding routine will occupy 70% of success, since, if we decrease the caloric intake your body will require the production of fat to maintain energy levels. This routine begins by eating the major sources in the morning and at noon, and the lowest intake at night. Foods like fish, vegetables or pasta are very helpful.

As for the physical work, any activity will help, such as making bike for 15 minutes, or if you do not have it, walk or run once a day. No matter the time, activate the body physically and go a long way towards achieving your ideal weight .

Combining a good diet (70%) with a good physical exercise (30%) is directly proportional to a success. You just need perseverance and willpower.

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