The summer months diet

summer dietThe spring force of weight lose have gone ignored, and the weight stayed on, even in the winter around June, we desperately need is to join the army of nagging women a diet?

Is there any chance in July or even August to achieve the desired shape without resorting to painful restrictions and associated psychological discomfort and constant hunger? The answer is yes, because it is summer paradise comes a time in everyone’s life when doubt should abandon restrictions and diets.

Why, you ask? The answer is simple: the fact that in the last days of summer, as in the early autumn, the body to prepare for the cold season and desperately stored vitamins and fats. Therefore, even reaching positive effect by diet, keep it hardly succeeds. Even under the condition of deterrence treacherous appetite, the increases in body fat are not going to leave.

This is how we are organized! For the winter we do not feel cold, rational nature has provided it. But out there. We only have to slightly change the principle of power, replacing the more “easy” for some “heavy” products. So you have absolutely nothing to lose, except, of course, pounds.
Where to start diet?

First of all, with the first course, or rather to single dish, namely vegetable soup, this includes all your favorite vegetables except potatoes. Ideally, broth-based soup to be chicken.

We offer you one of the possible recipes: Cut bell pepper, onion, carrot, celery and cabbage and cook in chicken broth. There is such a dish should be when a famine. As they say nutritionists, weight loss can be faster than the more one leans on the soup.

You can vary the vegetables potion with fruits and vegetables. Prefer not red and not carbohydrates. For summer is the best fit: zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, savory yellow (moderate), carrots, peppers, greens, watermelons, melons and sweet cherries. Eat vegetables can be raw or bake them in the oven or grill.

Rule number one: do not supplement the vegetable side dishes.

It is best to use vegetable dishes without meat, and even without the sauces. It has long been known that the separation of power provides invaluable assistance to our organisms.

We should also talk about the drinks. If you remember the unforgettable many years ago correctly observed that: “Beer-water carbohydrates we promise.” Though well-known writers worked in the genre of humor and satire, in which case they did not exaggerate.

It is better to avoid their traditional time for summer foamy drink from your diet forever. And if they allow themselves, it is very, very rare! Concerning water, it is only necessary to give to the sweet.

Rule Number Two: Let the color of water remain on store shelves.

Better to use fresh juices. Of those, whom we have an abundance of supplies industry, it is better to forget, as a soda. Our salvation in the summer can be stewed, boiled, without adding sugar.

To enhance the effect of burning fat, experts advise to consume grapefruit juice. As evidenced by recent studies of U.S. scientists, it is this juice citrus makes it possible to reduce weight, subject to the one indispensable rule: you must drink before a meal. And, as promised by the researchers, you will notice the positive effects after only two weeks. Weight loss, in general, reach around 7%.

Green and black tea, and cocoa and coffee can be attributed to the allowed drinks, but they must be consumed without sugar! And if the diet advocated by American scientists for the strength grapefruit juice or pineapple, the Japanese experts continue to defend the laurels of their national drink.

According to scientists from the Land of the Rising Sun, the process of burning fat is enhanced by this tea. However, they are strictly advised to drink it without milk. Unfortunately, the Japanese do not give clear guidance on the daily number and characteristics of taking tea.

In general, however, adhere to proper and healthy diet is most difficult to sugar cravings. We can not leave them in trouble and do not give several products belonging to five of the most delicious treats and do not particularly increase the weight. These include: yogurt, smoothies and ice cream from skim milk, a little dark chocolate, honey and fruit. All these sweets can brighten up the summer months diet.

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