The protein diet

DietThe natural protein products for diet contain fish, chicken and eggs. The principle is to reduce the consumption of foods containing large amounts of carbohydrates. Those carbohydrates are energy.

If they are lacking in the food consumed, the body uses the stockpile, located in the fat tissue. Thus, there is a splitting of fat cells, and we get rid of excess weight. Using the protein diet can lose 5 -8 pounds overweight, and sometimes more. But we should just realize that after the cessation of diet you can gain weight again because of malnutrition.

Therefore, the protein diet may be the beginning of a new lifestyle. Healthy eating and physical activity.

Protein diet lasts two weeks, during which time you will need to show their strength of will to the maximum and adhere to all recommendations. Also, you should give up sugar and salt when cooking and eating. Make sure before your marathon; consult a physician because when consuming food with high protein content increases the risk of blood clots. Such a diet is not recommended for older people and people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidney disease and gout. If you have no contraindications, you can safely proceed to the diet. During the passage of diet drink a sufficient amount of still water near the 2n day. This will promote good kidney function. Dining should be 3-4 hours before sleep that would not overload it. And so we go.

On the first day to breakfast only a cup of coffee without cream and sugar. For lunch, allowed two eggs cooked hard-boiled and seasoned coleslaw is not a large amount of vegetable oil. After all washes down a glass of tomato juice without salt. For dinner, prepare boiled fish.

The second day starts with a small cup of coffee and crackers (this is the prize for the observance of the first day of the diet). For lunch, you boil or fry fish. For dinner you can eat 200g grams. Boiled beef and drink low-fat yogurt.

The third day of coffee or tea and toast for breakfast. For lunch, you’re toasting a great pub and eating apples. At dinner, laid 200g boiled beef, and two hard boiled eggs. You can even eat a salad of cabbage.

The fourth day, perhaps, the most difficult. For breakfast, only coffee and lunch raw egg and three boiled carrots. For dinner, eat fruit, it is advisable not too sweet.

The fifth day at breakfast we raw carrot. For lunch, boiled or fried fish and a glass of tomato juice. For dinner, again fruit.

The sixth day Breakfast is limited to a cup of coffee. But a decent meal. You can eat half a boiled chicken, and seize the cabbage salad or carrots. At dinner, two boiled eggs and carrots.

The seventh day of the last day of the diet did not quite standard. Instead of coffee for breakfast tea. At a dinner of boiled beef, and fruit for dessert can be. Dinner is chosen. Every day passed except the third.

Thus, half of the diet passed, stayed another week. On the eighth day you eat something that ate on the seventh day diet. And then the clock starts ticking. On the ninth eat what is on the seventh. On the tenth that on the sixth, etc. At the end of the diet you need to properly form your diet. Unsubscripted from fatty and sugary foods. Engage in physical activity. In general, try not to gain weight again.

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